National Planning Policy Framework & New Towns

The planning system in England altered significantly in 2012 with the adoption of the National Planning Policy Framework, which sought to replace the plethora of existing adopted planning guidance in a more succinct and positive manner. The NPPF is bedding-in well and there is a general consensus that despite its brevity a return to the previous arrangements would not be supported.

In considering New Town development outside the UK in circumstances where perhaps strategic policy is not as well developed, the NPPF provides a valuable format for considering  planning policy initiatives and setting development control policies.

As far as New Towns themselves are concerned the document recognises the opportunity and states:

52. The supply of new homes can sometimes be best achieved through planning for larger scale development, such as new settlements or extensions to existing villages and towns that follow the principles of Garden Cities.

A simple statement perhaps, but an important recognition of the potential and couched in terms that assist authorities in progressing projects of this type.

The NPPF can be read in the Document Library – HERE

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