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Future Cities? What a lot of Rubbish!!

Lebanon - Rubbish - The GuardianWith Thanks to The Guardian for this photograph

Rubbish has been flooding the streets of Beirut for 9 months. Failure to deal adequately (or at all) with the products of urban growth and the pressure of increasing population will introduce all kinds of diseases, social unrest and eventually bring a city to its knees. Yet, this is a valuable source of reusable consumables and power.

Go to the link below to see a  video of the situation in all its wasteful extent: 

Energy from Waste – A Discussion Document

CNIM-Waste-to-Energy-CycleIn my recent workshop in Manila we discussed the issue of dealing with waste and more particularly the potential benefits of using waste as a source of energy.

Energy from waste is about taking waste and turning it into a useable form of energy. This can include electricity, heat and transport fuels (e.g. diesel). This can be done in a range of ways. Incineration is the most well known.

This is a live topic around the World, no less so in the UK and the Government has just published a very useful Guide to the Debate.

The Document is in the Library HERE